how does laser cutting work? -

by:ChangZeng     2020-05-23

Laser cutting technology is specially used to cut the metal plate into an ideal shape and size.Not only does it offer the highest flexibility, it is also capable of forming the metal into the most complex design.It is usually done by a CNC machine that uses laser parts.Amada, Mazak, Bystronic laser parts and others are some of the leading brands of laser cutting machine parts.But what is the reason for laser cutting?In this blog we will discuss how laser cutting works.The process of laser cutting is by highThe beam in the power and set helps to cut the design that has been programmed into the computer that is synchronized with it.Focus Lens helps focus the beam on the pinWhen a super-strong laser is in contact with the metal, it melts or burns the part of the metal to obtain the required blueprint.The CAD file directs it forward.Typically, there are three types of lasers used to perform tasks, namely, CO2, Nd, and Nd-Yag.The position of these concentrated beams is controlled by a computer program called CNC code.The cutting speed is controlled by a CNC computer or controller.Many mirrors are used to transfer the beam to a different direction, known as a \"beam Bend \".All of these starters then cut the metal by quickly heating or melting or evaporation the metal.This depends on the power of the laser and the setting used for the laser.This process is relatively slow for the manufacture of product prototypes.In this process, the machine moves the laser through the target medium.The accuracy and accuracy of this system is more trustworthy.For this reason, the manufacturer uses this system to produce the final product and bring it to market.The process used by the system uses the method of using the mirror to locate and redirect the laser to improve the speed.This process can assist with speed at 100 feet per minute.The accuracy of the distance between the machine and the object being cut is considered critical because it determines the position of the focus relative to the surface of the board.The quality of the cut is affected by the focus position.Laser cutting is a very consistent, stable and precise process if all appropriate specifications and controls are followed.
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