how do toilets connect to the floor?

by:ChangZeng     2020-06-01
Regardless of their manufacturer, toilets are usually connected to the floor following the same basic principles.
The right connection is very important, not only how the toilet is connected to the floor, but also how the toilet is connected to the drain, and the water and waste will flow through the drain.
Install the right toiletto-
The floor connection is crucial not only to prevent leakage under the toilet, but also to prevent sewer gas from entering the room and house through the drain pipe.
Leakage can result in expensive repairs as the floor around the toilet is badly damaged and if not checked, it can cause damage to the ceiling below.
Sewer gas leaks are dangerous and unhealthy.
The base of the toilet is usually designed with two mounting holes, one on each side.
Some toilets have four mounting holes and two on each side.
If you check the bottom of the toilet bowl, you will see a waste outlet hole that can be discharged from the drain.
This is called toilet horn.
The toilet flange is a pipe fitting that connects the outgoing pipe to the toilet and connects the toilet to the floor.
The flange is made of plastic, brass, stainless steel or cast iron.
Most toilet flanges are 1/4 to 1/2 thick and designed to fit 3-inch or 4-inch pipe.
The flange ring has four or six mounting holes and two slots in which the head of the two flanges or closets enters, and the mounting bolts are designed to install the bolts through the mounting holes of the toilet.
The flange itself is mounted on the top of the drain pipe.
This is the wax ring--
A ring made of wax, designed to be suitable for use in 3-inch or 4-
Inch scrap line.
The wax ring is also known as the wax toilet gasket, which acts as a seal.
When the toilet is installed, the wax seal is placed on the toilet horn.
The wax ring is the weakest part of the components that mount the toilet to the drain and floor.
Damaged leaking wax rings are often the culprit for leaking water under the toilet.
Some wax rings, also known as wax toilet washers, have a collar or horn on them, made of rubber or plastic, and can be placed in the toilet flange when installed.
This collar is designed to prevent any leakage.
And a wax-
Free seal made of PVC.
When properly connected, the toilet is located at the top of the toilet flange and the wax ring provides a seal for the floor.
The flange bolts installed through the toilet mounting hole are all fixed by washers and nuts, thus providing the connection of the toilet to the floor and drain pipe.
A ring of caulking agent is usually placed around the bottom of the toilet to further seal the toilet to the floor.
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