How about the steel plate trend?

by:ChangZeng     2021-02-20
plate drawing board is a kind of steel plate colorful decoration board. In recent years, it has gradually replaced the position of primary color steel plate. In the construction and decoration industry, steel plate colorful drawing board is more and more widely used. The colorful steel wire drawing board is colored using water plating or vacuum ion plating technology. The usual high-end colorful steel wire drawing boards are processed by vacuum ion plating technology. plate manufacturers inquired and found that many manufacturers would use colorful steel plate drawing panels to make doors and windows. This kind of manufacturing is widely liked by consumers. In addition to the color advantages, the appearance of doors and windows made of colorful steel plate drawing plates has also changed. It is very bright and durable, and its gloss is higher than other general steel plates. In addition, the logistics performance of the colorful steel plate drawing board is better than other steel plates. Experiments have proved that the physical properties of the steel plate colorful drawing plate will not present any problems in the doors and windows of high floors. We all know that the materials used to make doors and windows Q345B steel plates will be rich in chromium and other vivid elements, while the colorful steel wire drawing plates are rich in chromium elements, which can effectively prevent electrochemical corrosion and have excellent strength. . It has high acid and alkali resistance. Therefore, in coastal areas, colorful steel wire drawing boards are selected as the primary manufacturing materials for doors and windows. In addition to these features. The steel plate company also found that the colorful steel products plate also has excellent heat resistance and thermal insulation. And it is beautiful and easy to use. Nowadays, the appearance of domestic steel plate is significantly equal to that of Japan. In today's market, the quotation of coils on the market, the quotation of TISCO's hot-rolled steel coils is per ton, and the average price is now equal to the previous sale. Just a few days ago, the quotations of London Fundamental Metals showed a big ups and downs. As the evening released the appearance that the unemployment rate in the United States had hit a three-year low, it caused the steel plate to make the market risk a significant preference Improved appearance, this is conducive to the promotion of large ups and downs in quotations. Today, the last trading day in London rose, and the domestic steel products plate spot quotation was equal to the trend of the steel plate quotation, and the closing reached the dollar. However, judging from the domestic steel plate market, most of the new domestic steel plate products continue to go down the road, but there is a very significant sign of weakness in the low demand. Nowadays, the transaction rate of shopping malls is getting worse and worse. The quotations of steel plates have risen and fell within a short period of time. In this way, the steel plate will show a minorite or ferrite arrangement. In this case, the steel plate will have weak magnetic properties. However, it should be noted from this that the magnetic properties of steel plates and other raw material steel plates are different, so the magnetic properties of steel plates have always been kept in a weak magnetic state.
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