How about sales of steel pipes under ChangZeng?
The good sales volume of Shanghai ChangZeng Metal Co., Ltd. steel pipes is inseparable from our consumer's enthusiastic purchase and support. Sales volume generally hinge to a large degree on how customers perceive our brand and our services. We constantly delve into sales data and product portfolio, seize emerging market opportunities and attempt to expand market share.
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ChangZeng ​​is rated as the No.1 brand by many clients. ChangZeng's steel coil series include multiple types. This product has the required strength. It can help prevent the packaged item from damage during storage and transportation. It is able to provide the strength nor piping connectivity typically required by high-pressure, high-temperature applications. ChangZengfocuses on company credit. It can be processed by welding, punching, cutting, bending, painting, etc.
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We put emphasis on customer focus. We ensure that all aspects of our company will put the customers' satisfaction first.

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