Hangxiao Steel Structure and Hunan Valin reached a strategic partnership

by:ChangZeng     2021-02-22
Recently, Zhejiang Hangxiao Structure Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'Hangxiao Structure') and Hunan Valin Xiangtan Iron and Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'Xiang ') signed the first annual steel procurement cooperation agreement in 2014, following the holdings of Tangshan Iron and Group Tangshan Medium and Heavy Plate Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'Tangshan Medium and Heavy Plate'), once again reached a strategic partnership with upstream steel manufacturers. At the same time, with the start of various settlement and inventory work in the 2013 fiscal year, the average sales profit margin of the steel industry was only 0.62% and related data indicators have aroused many concerns. According to data released by the China Iron and Association, from January to November 2013, the total profit of my country's steel enterprises was 16.18 billion yuan, of which the total profit of steel manufacturers was 5.8 billion yuan, which is equivalent to only 4.2 yuan per ton of steel. The operating conditions are unsatisfactory, and the latest news that the government has helped steel companies tide over the difficulties through financial subsidies has aroused heated discussions. In this regard, industry experts analyzed that the government's subsidies in the steel industry can be regarded as a kind of policy guidance to a certain extent. The focus is on eliminating outdated production capacity and encouraging the development of energy-saving and environmentally friendly technologies. The main targets of subsidies are not only in the main business. The quality of the products is up to the standard, and the production process strictly complies with the relevant regulations of the national environmental protection standards. Therefore, strict control of the company's own main business, break down industry barriers, and seek new development paths from the market have become a new way for more steel companies to survive. As the first listed steel structure company in China, facing the double contradiction of overcapacity in the steel industry and bottlenecks in demand growth, Hangxiao sees that steel structure companies have ushered in a broad space for development, and seizes the opportunity to seek upstream and downstream companies and multiple sectors. Win-win cooperation in the field. In the strategic partnership reached by the annual procurement cooperation agreement signed between Hangxiao Structure and the upstream steel production enterprises such as Xiangtan Iron and , Tangshan Iron and , the cooperation between the two parties is not limited to steel products procurement, but also includes in-depth cooperation in process and technical support. With the characteristics of a wide variety of steel structures and strong individual needs, the cooperation in technical cooperation and common technology research not only responds to the guidance of overcapacity resolution at the policy level, but also assists and develops with innovative and exemplary cooperation content. Chen Rui, the vice president of Hangxiao Structure, once said after the cooperation was signed that this is not only a commercial cooperation between enterprises, but also a discussion of a mutually beneficial model. In terms of win-win cooperation, Chen Rui analyzed that the medium and long-term cooperation with steel companies needs to consider not only the price issue, but also the production capacity and supply quality of the cooperating companies, and the state's elimination of high-energy-consuming and polluting steel companies , Is bound to promote the healthy development of the steel industry, and also guarantee the medium and long-term cooperation between steel structure enterprises and steel enterprises. The healthy development of steel enterprises will also promote the happy cooperation between Hangxiao Structure and more partners. Industry insiders said that as an expert and leader in industrialized green building integration, Hangxiao Structure is bound to continue to seek strong and competitive partners to achieve the company’s strategic goals and industry development goals, and make green building developments in all walks of life. Under favorable forecasts, how companies can grasp their main business, share policy dividends, and win market opportunities will be the main ideas for the healthy development of the industry in the future.
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