Growth of nano-textured graphene coatings across highly porous stainless steel supports towards corrosion resistant coatings

by:ChangZeng     2020-05-15
In this paper, we present for the first time the growth of 3D networks of graphene nanoparticles
Thin sheet on porous stainless steel substrate of micron grade metal fiber and its resistance
Corrosion properties.
Controllable formation of graphene
2-in a single form to a complex and uniform distribution-4 µm long nano-
A scanning electron microscope shows the pillar.
The morphology and stability of these structures are shown to be particularly relevant to temperature and feed gas flow rates during growth.
The number of layers of graphene material is calculated according to the Raman spectrum, according to the growth conditions, displayed between 3 and 15, and the speed of the experiments specifically related to time and flow.
The presence of graphene has proved to greatly increase the specific surface area of the material and help to improve the corrosion resistance and conductivity of the material without affecting the properties of natural materials or structural stainless steel materials.
This new method opens up a new path for the simple manufacture of advanced surface coatings, with potential applications in the development of new heat exchangers, separation and biology
Compatible material.
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