eu imposes definitive dumping duties on chinese steel tube imports

by:ChangZeng     2020-07-03
BRUSSELS (Reuters)-
The EU has taken a clear counter.
Anti-dumping duties on stainless steel pipes and pipelines imported from mainland China and Taiwan
Welding accessories to protect their industry from excess steel capacity.
A survey found that manufacturers in mainland China and Taiwan have sold stainless steel pipes and pipe docking
The European Commission said in a notice in an official magazine on Friday that prices for welded parts in Europe fell.
China\'s imports will be reversed
Dumping duties of 30. 7 to 64.
Taiwan\'s imports will face a 9% tariff. 1 to 12. 1 percent.
The Ministry of Commerce said there were \"serious doubts\" about the decision, which seriously damaged the interests of Chinese enterprises, adding that such protectionist measures would only harm global trade.
China is willing to strengthen exchanges and communication with Europe to properly solve the problems facing the current steel industry . \"
The European Commission says the products are used to connect stainless steel pipes and for industries such as petrochemicals, food processing, shipbuilding, energy generation and construction.
Jinglai sanitary Materials Co. , Ltd.
It will be taxed at 5.
1% import to EU and Zhejiang good Accessories Co. , Ltd.
The task of 55 will be faced. 3 percent.
The European Commission says the number of trade defenses against unfair imports of steel products is unprecedented, with a total of 39
Dumping and anti-dumping
Subsidy Measures, 17 of which are for products originating in China.
The EU has taken a counter.
Anti-dumping duties on some Chinese steel products
Cold rolled flat steel and stainless steel
Flat Products.
It also launched an investigation into heavy-duty plates imported from China.
Seamless Pipe for rolling, iron or steel.
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