eu extends duties on stainless steel pipes from china

by:ChangZeng     2020-07-06
BRUSSELS (Reuters)-
The EU extended
Dumping duties between 48. 3 and 71.
China\'s stainless steel pipeline prices rose five years to 9%, the official EU communiqué said on Tuesday.
The commission concluded that Chinese producers have a large amount of spare capacity, which could lead to large-scale idle capacity.
If these measures are removed, import the EU on a large scale at the dumping price.
Customs duties on seamless stainless steel pipes and tubes were first determined in 2011 and began review after they expired in 2016.
These duties remain valid during the review period.
These measures are one of 17 EU measures for different grades of steel products from China.
EU producers include Sandvik (SAND. ST), Tubacex (TUBA. MC)
And Salzgitter (SZGG. DE).
Affected Chinese producers include Changshu Huaxin Special Steel Co. , Ltd. , Shanghai Jinchang Stainless Steel Pipe Manufacturing Company and Wenzhou Jiangnan Steel Pipe Manufacturing Company.
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