diy stainless steel pipe draft beer tower

by:ChangZeng     2020-07-05
I \'ve seen quite a few beer tower projects made of black iron pipes, and although I like the look of \"industrial modernization\", I don\'t like the rust that ends up forming on pipe fittings.
Applying black iron pipes with clear paint is not the answer, because the gloss will take away a lot of effects.
So I decided the right answer is to build a 2 tap draft T-
Remove the tower from all stainless steel fittings.
To build your own beer tower, you need to pay attention to: Teflon tape is not used to seal pipe threads for this project.
No need to seal your beer tower thread.
When you tighten the fitting, the tape is used to prevent wear and tear.
Thread wear is a form of cold welding where stainless steel threads are actually combined.
Once the thread is bent, it is not possible to tighten or loosen the accessory further.
The standard beer rack can pass through the 7/8 hole that does not exist in the pipe.
I \'ve seen projects where the builder used 7/8 \"washers on the front of the 2\" x 1 \"bushing, but I don\'t think this is a very clean solution.
The correct answer for me is to start with the nearest bushing in size and then grind or drill 7/8 \".
This is exactly what we did with the two sleeves we bought for the beer tower.
You should try to install your beer rack before going to the next step.
I don\'t have the stand that I\'m going to use in the beer tower yet, but I have a 4 \"long beer handle that I \'ve tested my Drilling --
And the calf fits perfectly.
Here is a link to the type of handle you would like to use in the beer tower.
The handle includes a black plastic flange that you can throw away or use in another project.
Flange fitting or mounting plate is the only part of my beer tower that is not made of stainless steel.
I want to use stainless steel flange, but I find the stainless steel flange fittings very expensive!
Since this is the only part that will rust without protection, I drew the flange fitting with Krylon gloss back paint.
Don\'t skip this step! ! !
If you do, you will throw away expensive stainless steel parts and start over!
If I seal the pipe joint with this tape, I wrap the entire width of the thread with three whole packs of tape.
But since I just want to prevent wear and tear, and I want the tape to almost disappear when I screw the fittings together, I carefully wrap the two turns of tape around the first 3 turns
4 threads per thread part.
This way, the tape disappears when I assemble the part.
Assemble all accessories using a bench-top vise and a large slip-on clamp or plumber wrench.
The thread needs to be tight enough to move but not too tight.
Make sure you check the alignment of your accessories.
Since I\'m waiting for my beer rack to ship from Amazon, I just put tape on the bushing and try to install them.
For your project, you can install your beer rack and then install the 5\'beer line on your beer rack.
And then in the first 3-
4 threads for bushing and installation.
As you can see, this makes a very good 2-tower beer tower a perfect addition to any \"industrial modernization\" themed family bar or human cave.
The center point of my beer rack is 10-
1/2 from the top of the bar \"enough for any of my beer cups.
If you want more height, just add the length on the 10 \"nipples I use for my Tower.
There are two \"steps to the threaded nipple, so you can easily make your height 12-1/2\" or 14-
1/2 \"from the top of your bar, simply swap parts.
The beer rack is available in a variety of lengths, with either stainless steel or chrome-plated brass and a beer wire nipple that is connected or removable.
I\'m using 1-
3/4 \"long with beer line nipples attached.
The beer rack is also equipped with stainless steel or black front flange fittings.
I removed the flange of this beer tower because I believe there is no flange and the tower looks better.
If you decide to include flange fittings on your flange fittings, just make sure you order a longer beer holder to compensate for the length of the flange occupation.
Let\'s say you drill the beer rack into the hole, then you rotate and tighten the nut from the back.
You will see a small lip on the front of the beer flange.
This lip will sit in front of the accessory, leaving free spinning space for the beer faucet nut.
If your hole falls into the hole all the time, then you drill the hole too big.
Next, you attach the beer line.
I used the Oetiker clip.
Oetikers are used in most beverage industries and they are great clips.
I have attached the 5\' heavy 3/16 beer line on each beer handle.
The beer line will make it easy for the outside, but you need to make a tool to pull out the line at the bottom of the beer tower.
I made a tool with a piece of scrap aluminum, but you can also use a metal hanger.
This is a picture of the beer tower in my bar.
You have to admit-
Great beer tower looking! ! !
These are available from our Amazon store if interested in buying instead of building it yourself.
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