Develop joint venture cooperation around the extension of the entire industrial chain of Q345B steel plate

by:ChangZeng     2021-02-22
Expanding the entire industrial chain of Q345B steel plate to carry out joint ventures and cooperation to comprehensively initiate human resource reform, improve the encouragement and restraint mechanism, and build an employment mechanism in which cadres can go up and down, employees can enter and exit, and income can increase and decrease, so as to maximize employees Enthusiasm and creativity. Wuhan Iron and Group is exploring the establishment of an 'inverted triangle' marketing form, changing the traditional method of leadership to direct employees and production decision to sell, focusing on identifying customer needs, and letting the sales department take charge of the production system scheduling. By promoting the market-oriented reform of the operating mechanism, TISCO has indeed solved the problem of the disconnect between income distribution and product market efficiency, truly transmitted market pressure to each production unit, and accelerated the transition from production operation to value operation. Hebei Q345B steel plate group Tangsteel boldly subverts traditional thinking, vigorously implements the reform of production organization form facing the market, and improves cost control and product efficiency. Q345B steel plate fully promotes the internationalization strategy and first completes the 'green transformation'. In accordance with the requirements of improving the modern enterprise system, Benxi Iron and Group has promoted innovation in management. Tianjin Boiler Tube completed the continuous improvement and optimization of the management and control of the group, and launched joint venture cooperation around the extension of the entire industrial chain of Q345B steel plate, completing the transition from a manufacturing enterprise to a service-oriented enterprise. Enterprise transformation. Maanshan Iron u0026 Group strengthens market-oriented assessment, focusing on product structure enhancement for the quality department, focusing on product sales and opening up direct supply customers for the product induction room, and focusing on efficiency enhancement for the handling department... Therefore, under normal circumstances, the quantitative monetary policy and the price monetary policy are roughly linearly dual. This is like a person standing here and there is a shadow, and there is a shadow when there is an entity. But after the crisis it quickly became a non-linear stage. Because inflation is declining, and even austerity. Therefore, if we follow the understanding of Taylor's formula, it should be that the policy nominal interest rate set by the central bank is zero or even negative. Then entering a negative number is actually impossible. This means that there are people who save money and borrow money, but those who save money can find money to borrowers. Most borrowers do not give interest. This is entering a non-linear stage. Q345B steel plate chemical composition C: ≤0.20%, Si≤0.50%, Mn: ≤1.70%, P≤0.035%, S: ≤0.035%, Nb≤0.07%, V: ≤0.15%, Ti≤0.20%, Cr≤ 0.30%, Ni: ≤0.50%, Cu: ≤0.30%, N: ≤0.012%, Mo: ≤0.10% In addition, there is another thing that uses oral intervention is the price of goods. Suppose there are some changes in real estate, stocks or other properties. It should be said that the global central banks have not completed the mastery of the law. In other words, you don't know the time characteristics of these policies on property prices, or the cycle of property prices will be longer. You don't know to what extent monetary policy will have an effect on it. Therefore, verbal intervention is sometimes required in this situation. It's like saying that Greenspan made 'irrational irritability' when he saw stocks rising too fast. Oral intervention is also a guide to expectations. Then, it should be said that the effect of verbal intervention and the effect of monetary policy intervention are closely related and replaceable.
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