Current steel market analysis and trends

by:ChangZeng     2021-02-21
Recently, China’s steel products are mainly in a weak decline. However, the decline of various types of seamless steel pipes and thick-wall seamless steel pipes is not very large, and some spot resources are lacking, so that the types of steel are incomplete and the resources are serious. The situation was issued which caused the quotation to rise, which continued to decompose between the rise and fall of the quotation just now. Even so, the transaction volume of the mall was still very light. Many steel mills across the country have successively issued price adjustment information, and the intensity of price adjustments is significantly greater than before. As for the billet of steel, the quotation a while ago shall prevail, and there has been no major change in the near future. This week's steel products quotations have not changed much, and they are still showing a downward trend compared to the previous quotations. The current cold season for sales every year, coupled with the rain and snow climate in the northern region, has made the already silent steel market more silent, coupled with the lack of some commodities in the market's spot resources, the transaction volume of the market is getting lower and lower. The 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China opened earlier this year and Q345B steel plate did not bring good news to the steel market, and the major steel mills will not show a sharp drop in steel quotations in the short term due to the restriction of the price limit policy. In summary, merchants have to be more cautious in their operational actions in the later stage. Most of the quotations are subsequently lowered and the quotations are sold. The market for the later steel products market is not promising. The social inventory is not obvious in the spot market, but it is not easy for the steel mills. Today, the inventory of various steel mills is still relatively large, which means that the social inventory is moved to the steel mills. The reduction of spot inventories has caused recent steel quotations to rise. quotations have risen steadily. mills have also increased their output value from their original production. The rapid and efficient production of steel mills has driven the consumption of raw material iron ore. Many people think that steel quotations have turned better because of the influence of iron ore quotations, but some people also think that it is too early to say this. Why? Although the stock market has declined, the pressure has been transferred to the steel mills. At present, the stocks of some steel mills are still very large. Although the quotations have slightly shaken, the upward momentum is lacking. The recent steel prices are ushered in positive and short entry time With the rising channel, the enthusiasm of steel mills to resume production began to rise. In fact, terminal needs have not been significantly improved at present. The analysis of whether steel prices are durable or not still needs to be discussed from the terminal. Therefore, in the short term, the price of steel will largely depend on the needs of downstream terminals. Fundamentally, it has been substantively broken. As long as the inferior purchasing power is increased, we can see the steady increase in steel quotations. In summary, following the further improvement of the lower demand this month, the inventory of each dealer is almost exhausted, but the needs of the main body of the shopping mall have not been completely released. In this state, whether it is a steel mill or a distribution The merchants did not blindly add a lot of inventory, and it is very unfavorable for the later steel quotations to continue to rise.
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