China is actively developing the steel layout industry, the need for steel pipe layout is rising

by:ChangZeng     2021-02-21
The steel pipe layout used in the active expansion project has been used rapidly, and the demand for steel pipe layout has increased, and the economic and trade companies have not determined to actively develop the steel layout residential construction system. pipe has a large space for development in China.  At present, China is actively developing the steel layout industry. First of all, actively expand the types of steel used in the construction of steel layouts and improve product functions. The specific methods are as follows: to study and develop a series of special steel products for high-performance construction, including high-quality welded layout steel, high-strength high-quality thick plates, hot-formed pipes, high-quality weldable cast steel, etc.; expand the types and types of cold-formed steel and hot-rolled H-shaped steel Standards include large-section cold-formed pipes, large-section H-section steel and light H-section steel, etc.; rationally promote the selection of weathering steel, Q345B I-beam steel, refractory steel, Z-direction steel, and flux-cored electrodes. Secondly, vigorously promote the development of the construction of steel layout, and further improve its technical level. The sluggish occupation of steel plates such as medium and heavy plates is the main reason why steel prices are difficult to rise. Recently, the growth rate of domestic fixed asset investment and real estate development investment has begun to decline, and it includes major steel-using occupations such as general equipment manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, railway and ship and other transportation equipment manufacturing, electrical machinery, and electricity, heat production and supply industries. The speed of development is also slowing down. On the other hand, the high inventory has also become a burden to the steel industry. The downturn in the plate market and the sharp drop in steel plate sales have severely affected the patience of front-line business personnel. It is more appropriate to use 'paralysis' to describe the mentality of industry insiders. At present, steel producers have no vitality. In 2011, the steel industry lost more money and earned less, and economic and trade companies were not determined. The steel market is like a stagnant pool. The specific methods are as follows: high-rise and super-high-rise buildings prefer reasonable steel layout or steel-concrete layout system; large-span buildings actively choose spatial grid layout, three-dimensional truss layout, cable-membrane layout and prestressed layout system; low-rise building is vigorously selected Promote the selection of an economical and applicable light steel layout system; sum up the pilot experience, contact the needs of shopping malls, actively develop the steel layout residential construction system, and gradually complete the industrialization. If we do not consider the deep impact of the severe impact of the European debt crisis on the plate market, the plate market should be shaken in June because the impact measures are brewing and some targets for short-term stable growth are forced to be released soon. Exploring the bottom and building the bottom, the third quarter will rise moderately. Every profession will experience the era of rapid expansion, and this era will end sooner or later, and the steel products profession is no exception. In the past few years, the profit per ton of steel was 300-500 yuan, but now the profit per ton of steel is only 10-30 yuan. The good times of eating meat and drinking alcohol are gone. The next step must be the elimination round. The current steel plate profits must not be shared by so many steel traders. Someone must fall first. Who can persist until the end, who That is the winner.
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