Can stainless steel pipe be installed easily?
Yes, stainless steel pipe is easy to operate and install. There is a video provided by Shanghai ChangZeng Metal Co., Ltd. for customers to learn the installation process. The installation video will come with English subtitles below, and the video quality is quite good. Before the installation, customers should notice the caution information so as to avoid the misoperation. If the product is not equipped with suitable tools for installation, you can contact our after-markets sales or purchase tools by yourself.
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ChangZenghas been focused on providing superior OEM and ODM services since inception. ChangZeng's steel sheet series include multiple types. This product is extremely resistant to vibration and impact. Its optimized internal gaps and bearings help to withstand the adverse effects of extreme vibration. The minimum order quantity for this product is 5 tons. With its precision calibration in steel beam market, ChangZenggives full play to its superiority. The amount of carbon present in the alloy is customizable.
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Our company is committed to contributing toward and aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We promote sustainability every day, in everything we do.

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