benefits of using steel pipes -

by:ChangZeng     2020-05-31
The steel pipe is traditionally used for conveying water and gas bodies due to its hollow structure related to strength, durability and elasticity.Steel pipes are beneficial where high resistance is required to withstand both internal and external pressures.Steel pipes can be used even under the worst conditions due to elasticity, scalability and freedom from brittle.Steel pipes are usually manufactured from materials whose yield stress varies in the range of 210 to 350 MPa and whose tensile strength varies in the range of 340 to 650 MPa.Therefore, the steel pipe has the ability to withstand treatment stress, uneven bending, wrong arrangement or temperature changes.In cases involving complex bending and longitudinal stresses, steel pipes can be used more favorably.Steel pipes can be used where impact resistance or vibration is required.The use of steel pipes can withstand the fluctuating pressure including the static head or the impact pressure generated by the water hammer.Steel pipes are used for water pipes, fire sprinkler systems and pipe networks that deliver flammable gases.Carbon-containing steel pipes rust and corrosion.Due to atmospheric oxidation, iron oxide separated from the surface in the form of flakes is formed.This surface corrosion is prevented in stainless steel pipes or galvanized steel pipes.In the previous case, the surface coating of chromium oxide with steel alloys prevents further corrosion.Similarly, galvanized steel pipes with zinc surface coating will check the rust of steel pipes when exposed to atmospheric conditions.After rinsing the rusted surface with acid, immerse the steel pipe in a molten zinc bath and keep it in it for a period of time.There is a thinner layer of zinc film on the internal and external surfaces of the pipe, which is called a galvanized pipe.Galvanized steel pipes of various nominal holes are used as water pipes and laid underground for utility water supply.Because-Corrosion quality of zinc, no reaction between water and steel, check whether rust and corrosion.These underground water supply systems powered by galvanized steel pipes last longer and cost maintenance is almost zero.The benefit of using steel pipes to the public is to save money for the local government.According to the end of the steel pipe, the steel pipe has various forms and structuresUses such as steel pipes, hot galvanized pipes, black steel pipes, fence pipes, frame pipes, structural steel pipes, etc.Make steel bars of various widths and continuous lengths into tubes;Connect both ends by welding or resistance welding (ERW.Typically, steel structures used for construction purposes, such as angles, passages, beams and beams.However, due to the low cost and high tensile strength, steel pipes can be used in roof structures such as Truss.Galvanized steel pipes have found useful uses in moving towers due to exposure to atmospheric conditions.Compared to the galvanized angle, these towers can withstand higher wind pressure, and the material cost of galvanized steel pipes is lower.
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