Any promotion team established by ChangZeng in foreign countries?
Shanghai ChangZeng Metal Co., Ltd. includes a group of marketing that is not only concentrated in overseas countries. We promote our products in different ways, for example on social platforms, exhibitions or conferences. We want to connect with you and help improve your distribution system and expand the global business together.
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ChangZengranked first in China's production and sales for many years steel coil. ChangZeng's steel tubing series include multiple types. It is extremely chemically resistant. The surface is treated with a protective chemical coating or protective paint to prevent dusts from entering. It is tested by third parties such as SGS and BV. ChangZenghas optimized customer service constantly. It is used in transportation, construction, machinery, shipbuilding, and other fields.
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Our company incorporates environmentally-friendly and sustainable practices. We adopt more energy-efficient production methods and machines for minimizing environmental impact.

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