Any further technical information about ChangZeng?
Shanghai ChangZeng Metal Co., Ltd. is known for gathering extensive technologies in the industry and market. ChangZeng is aware of the significance of technologic advances and continues to invest much time in training engineers and introducing new science and technology related to the manufacturing of ChangZeng. The technology we adopt proves to be applicable and executive, resulting in the further an increase in productivity and a decrease in processing time. To learn more details, customers can visit our factory. Our engineers are willing to explain the technology we use to you.
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ChangZengis a true expert in the steel beam industry. our company's steel coil series include multiple types. steel products from weis designed with steel h beam performance. Heat treatment yields a higher wear resistance in this type of steel. our companyhas well experienced staff with remarkable qualifications. Its material can be comprised of higher-grade alloys such as stainless steel or molybdenum steel.
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Wanting to be the first, our company is driven to serve customers in a responsible and shared value-creating approach.

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