A Look at Sheet Metal Stamping

by:ChangZeng     2020-05-09
Sheet metal stamping is a system in which the sheet metal is used to produce the final product.When the metal sheet is inserted into the mold or press, it is molded into the desired shape and size.Only metal plates of a certain thickness can be inserted into the metal stamping machine.The maximum limit for most metal stamping machines is inches.However, the machine can also be designed to hold paper of a larger thickness.Even metal plates that can be processed in metal stamping are specific.Certain metals or alloys can only be used in aluminum, brass, steel (hot or cold rolled), galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper, zinc and titanium.Before inserting the metal plate into the machine, the customer provides a prototype of the final product or at least one chart.If the customer is not sure what the final product should look like, most metal stamping manufacturers also provide engineering services for designing the product.Even some auxiliary services, such as burrs removal and plating, are provided by metal stamping company after metal plate stamping.There are three main parts for sheet metal stamping--Mold, punch and binder/blank holder.The paper remains between the blank holder and the mold, and the punch is driven into the mold, where the paper spreads on the mold due to stretching and stretching.The blank holder provides the binding force required to control the flow of paper into the mold.With the amount of material that enters the machine being controlled, this force can prevent the folds and tears of the paper.For some processes where the blank support force is too high for the material, the stretch bead is used to create a binding force.Sheet metal stamping parts are also called thin stamping parts.Sheet metal stamping is mainly used for casing-Construction process.This is also the most important part because each panel has to be stamped one by one.Cover the motherboard tray first, and then-Left and right side panels from bottom to top and back.
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